GROBEST FH100 liquid organic fertiliser

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GROBEST FH100 is a biological liquid suspension fertilizer made from fish and fish waste sourced from fish processing operations. Carefully manufactured according to strict criteria permissible for the production of organic inputs, GROBEST FH100 complies with Act 36 of 1947 regulations and is registered accordingly - Registration No M237.

This cutting-edge fertiliser is meticulously formulated to elevate agricultural performance, fostering robust and sustainable crop growth. Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern agricultural practices, delivering a comprehensive blend of nutrients and benefits to maximize crop yields and enhance soil health.

Crafted with the highest quality standards, Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser encapsulates the following key features and benefits:

1. Balanced Nutrition: Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser offers a balanced and comprehensive blend of essential nutrients, precisely formulated to address the specific needs of various crops. This balanced nutrition fosters healthy plant growth and development, optimizing overall crop performance.

2. High Absorption Rate: Designed for efficient absorption, Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser ensures that plants can readily uptake and utilize the essential nutrients, promoting rapid and sustained growth.

3. Enhanced Soil Fertility: By enriching the soil with vital nutrients, Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser rejuvenates and enhances soil fertility, laying the foundation for sustained agricultural productivity.

4. Eco-Friendly Formulation: Committed to environmental sustainability, Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser is formulated with eco-friendly ingredients, minimizing the ecological footprint while supporting healthy, natural growth.

5. Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of crops and cultivation methods, Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser offers flexibility in application, catering to the diverse needs of modern farming practices.

6. Improved Crop Quality: The application of Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser results in enhanced overall crop quality, including increased nutrient content and visual appeal, supporting marketability and consumer satisfaction.

7. Easy Handling and Application: With a user-friendly liquid form, Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser ensures ease of handling and application, simplifying the fertilization process for agricultural professionals and enthusiasts alike.

8. Sustainable Agriculture: Embracing sustainable agricultural practices, Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser contributes to long-term ecological balance by promoting healthy, resilient crops and soil while reducing the reliance on conventional chemical inputs.

Vuna Agri proudly offers Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser as a cornerstone of its commitment to providing innovative, sustainable solutions for the agricultural community. Elevate your farming practices and cultivate thriving crops with Grobest FH100 Liquid Fertiliser, now available through Vuna Agri's online store.

Available in 1L, 5L and 25L sizes. 

Although this product has been extensively tested under large variety of conditions, neither Vuna Agri-Shop (Pty) Ltd t/a Vuna Agri nor the registration holder warrant that it will be efficacious under all conditions because the action and effect thereof may be affected by factors such as abnormal climatic conditions as well as method, time and accuracy of application.